29: The Complexities of a Chinese Dam Project in Ghana - Dr. Xiao Han

05.13.2020 - By The Belt and Road Podcast

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On this episode, Erik speaks with Dr. Xiao Han on her latest work co-authored by Michael Webber - “From Chinese dam building in Africa to the Belt and Road Initiative: Assembling infrastructure projects and their linkages" that was published in the 77th volume of the journal of Political Geography.

Dr. Xiao Han is a postdoctoral research fellow at University of Melboure’s Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies. 


Dr. Xiao Han: 

1. Cooking - COVID has all of us anxious, finding time to cook and bake goods is relaxing 


1. The Code of Capital How the law creates wealth and inequality by Katharina Pistor 
2. A paper subscription to the NYTimes 

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