The Control Series: The Illusion of Control

09.27.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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In the Jungle, there is chaos, continuous change, and danger. This quickly leads to overwhelm, frustration and helplessness for most people.   My goal for you is to be in CONTROL.   Over the next several weeks, I will be detailing how to develop the mindset of a true Jungle Lion... complete control, confidence and poise under pressure, while executing consistently.   In today's episode I detail my story... my episodes of helplessness and how I was able to take control back. Listen closely, as I will be showing you what control looks like, the illusion that it really is, how to create a sense of control wherever you go, and whatever goals you decide to pursue. Time Stamps: (1:22) Shoutout to my DAY ONES!   (2:22) "From reserve to pro" - the inspiration behind today's episode   (9:28) My reality check: The most important traits that I LACKED.   (12:25) My transition: I was stuck and couldn't stand where I was at...   (14:50) My transformation: I had to wake up to my reality.   (22:44) The ILLUSION of CONTROL   (28:13) Why most people lack control   (39:53) You know this is all possible.   (41:19) What to expect over the next three weeks!

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