The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Bing Bang Boom Ricochet Rabbit

03.04.2022 - By The Everyday Sniper

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The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Bing Bang Boom Ricochet Rabbit
This was a fun one, I was a bit wound up today. I have had several calls over the last few days about calibers and cartridges.  So I was worked with guys talking about going big.  Go big, everyone wants to go big, but not Me, I want to go small. 

Light is Right 
There I said, I told you guys for awhile now, lighter bullets are better. It's a fact you can't get around.  Speed wins, as well speed kills, so why do they want to go so heavy.  Well because they want to shoot far, which I understand. Push the envelope.  But we are snipers, and we can't really push the envelope because we are small and light.  We need to be mobile. 
The big guns are awesome, they get all the attention. But they are not always practical because, well, you have to carry it.  Not to mention shoot it, with all that means, shooting far is not easy.
This is training too, now you have to teach the guy more about ballistics and less about his job moving from point a to point b.  
listen up I am on fire today,  so thanks for listening, thanks for sharing and thanks for being a part of the Everyday Sniper Podcast.

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