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Find a candle or a campfire for this exercise.
As you gaze into the flame look back in time before anything existed. Our universe began as a huge explosion, the birth of our universe was in fire, it allowed everything to start afresh.
It is therefore, the most base component of life and this very same awesome power is given to us – we can live in harmony with it, allowing it’s energy to keep us warm, to cook food, to mould plastics or fashion metals or again it can destroy buildings, blow up cities or even the earth itself.
Its great asset is its speed. Its ability to clean the slate and start anew. To transform and rejuvenate.
If we are not in harmony with it, it will burn us and trap us. The fires of hell inside us are own anger and aggression but this same fire can fuel our determination to change, to evolve and grow. So see that fire inside your heart, feel it burning up your negativity, your worries and anxieties, purging you of all the negativity, the rubbish (mental garbage) that you allow to accumulate in your world.
Burn it up, release it, let it go and allow it to fuel your determination to change. See the heaven inside you as being cluttered up and polluted by the rubbish and noise you have accumulated. Let this fire silently wipe all that and start afresh, and be determined now not to allow your old state of mind to return. The fires of heaven are your determination to purify your heart with peace and love and truth.
Gaze into the flame and rejoice and realize that heaven is here, now

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