The Future of Education: Sam Sorbo, Jill Simonian, Corey DeAngelis | ROUNDTABLE

03.26.2021 - By The Rubin Report

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Sam Sorbo, Jill Simonian, and Corey DeAngelis about the future of education after COVID. The U.S. education system’s failures have been exposed by the pandemic. Whether it was the teachers' union in your district that kept schools closed despite the science or the lack of school choice that forced most kids into traditional public schools, our education system failed to adapt. Dave and his guests discuss what options are available to parents, whether it's homeschooling or taking advantage of school vouchers. They discuss the best ways to give your kids a real-world education, as well as the possibilities for education reform and ways we can rethink the future of learning.
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