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What's The Joe Scarborough Podcast about?

The Joe Scarborough Podcast will be dropping into your earbuds with a weekly dose of energized, impassioned analysis and interviews with the biggest influencers and stars.

From media newsrooms to Hollywood’s back lots and from DC to Silicon Valley, I will be bringing everyone to the table for behind the scenes looks and newsmaking insights about what is happening across the globe. And don’t miss my independent takes on the latest eruptions in the news cycle. 

But also get ready for hard hitting analysis of the Red Sox bullpen or hot takes on the one Beatles album you must take to a desert island!

Highly Caffeinated and Slightly Ground Down, listen to The Joe Scarborough Podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. It will improve your backswing, reverse male pattern baldness, and just may save the Republic.

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17: Thomas Ricks


Joe talks to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas Ricks on the brilliance of George Washington, the hypocrisy of the slaveholder whose Declaration freed more humans than any figure in history, how James Madison saved America from the illiberalism of Donald Trump, ...

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