The Keys To Peak Performance: Alan Stein Jr. Interview

08.06.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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Today's episode is an exclusive interview with Alan Stein, Jr., an author and speaker who spent 15+ years as a performance coach working with the highest-performing basketball players on the planet such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James, just to name a few. He now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business, that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.   We go deep in this episode, as Alan uncovers the mistakes that ambitious athletes make that hinder their progress, and the crucial skill that business leaders can develop to take their teams and results to new levels.   (1:22) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Alan Stein!   (2:13) Alan's journey, starting with his love for basketball   (3:51) Alan reflects on his time as a young athlete, and the transition into his career as a performance coach   (7:28) Two athletes who stood out from the rest.   (9:30) Expanding on Taishi Ito's leadership   (11:44) "Precision" and basketball   (15:11) "How do I put in the right amount of effort while training?   (20:54) Choosing to chase the impossible dream, or put it to rest.   (27:52) SELF-AWARENESS   (32:49) Setting an extreme vision, while maintaining the necessary self-awareness...   (34:11) The essence of great listening   (37:55) Getting external feedback to reveal your "blindspots"   (41:10) BEING BETTER > BEING LIKED   (42:15) The #1 reason why leaders get held back in business.   (46:23) The leader's job is to find out how each team member responds best in a variety of circumstances.   (49:12) Niyi asks Alan about his Major Key Habits   (53:50) "Invincibility is a matter of defense" - Sun Tzu   (54:20) How to connect with Alan (resources listed below)   (56:25) Alan's Top 3 most impactful books "Toughness" by Jay Bilas "Exactly What To Say" by Phil Jones "Leading with the Heart" by Coach K (visit for a special 13 book PDF of Alan's top books)   (58:40) To apply for killer instinct, go to   Check out Alan's book, "Raise Your Game: High-Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best" (also available on Audible)   Website for Alan's book,   For a team-bundled discount, shoot an email,  

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