#96 - The Lazy Genius Works from Home

02.18.2019 - By The Lazy Genius Podcast

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Although this is a frequently requested topic, I get that your situation might be very different from mine and from each person listening. I hope this episode is an encouragement on how to think about your own work, whether professional or what makes you feel like a person outside of motherhood, laundry, cookings and all the things. Helpful Links For You Join the Lazy Genius mailing list. Don’t sleep on this, y’all. The Meal Plan is coming back! Here’s a starter pack of episodes where I talk about productivity and household chores that you may find helpful: The Lazy Genius Finds the Best Way to Do Things, The Lazy Genius Cleaning Routine, The Lazy Genius Tidies the House, and The Lazy Genius and Time Management. Download a transcript of this episode

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