The Light of Muhammad (pbuh)

01.02.2015 - By Soul of Islam Radio

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In this very special episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad and Ihsan take the opportunity to honor the divine light of the Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (pbuh).
You will learn about the creation of the light of Muhammad (pbuh), his manifestation in the physical world, and his connection to mercy and the concept of oneness known as tawheed.
Also discussed is his direct connection to the divine presence and how it is a bridge for humanity back to the source. You will also learn about the divine nature of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the story of the great saint, mystic, and scholar Owais al-Qarani who had witnessed the reality of Muhammad (pbuh).
Also mentioned is how Muhammad’s mission revolved around the perfection of character for the cultivation of a cohesive society.
Lastly, you will learn how you can establish a connection and receive divine love from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as well as the importance of self purification and how it leads one on the path back to the Divine.
For invocations, salawat, and to receive Mohammedan light, it is highly recommended to use Imam Al-Jazuli’s book “Dala’il al-Khayrat“.
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