The Mystery Of Nan Madol - S15E1

05.25.2021 - By Probing Ancient Aliens

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How was the so-called “eighth wonder of the world,” Nan Madol, constructed? Constructed of multi-ton volcanic prismatic basalt pillars, this remote southeast Asian megalithic man-made city is known as the “Venice of the South Pacific,” but no one can explain just HOW these massive pillars were brought to the site from over 25 miles away, but then hoisted with precision multiple stories tall in some cases. Local legends say Giant Roosters flew the pillars down to the site, along with the seemingly conflicting tales of two giant brothers from an unknown land levitating the rocks into place. Do David Hatcher Childress and Giorgio Tsoukalous have all the answers as they explore Nan Modal in all it’s BASS-alt glory? Let’s prooooooooooooooobe into Season 15, Episode 1 of Ancient Aliens: the Mystery of Nan Madol!

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