The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood

By Gareth Severn

What's The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood about?

The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood, an explosive new take on the original classic tale. This brand new adudio drama entwines fact and fiction to bring you a thrilling tale of horror, espionage and science fiction.

Written and Directed by Gareth Severn
Julia Eve as Captain Ruby Hart
Pete Lutz as B.B.Wolf
Terry Cooper as General Douglas Alkirk
Nathaniel Chambers as PT-9 – aka Petey
Tanja Milojevic as Lazarus 1
Lynn Foley as Emelia Hart
Commodore James as Lieutenant Brett Hunter
Nathan Comstock as G2-10 – aka Grendle
Joe Stofko as Fenris De ville
Gareth Severn as Gunolf
Natalie Chisolm as Accalia
Bonnie Bogovich as Clank
Gareth Severn as Captain Ginger
Zane Sexton as Drissax
Tom Fellas as Kraum Blaxore
Ally Murphy as female droid 1
Natalie Chisolm as female droid 2
Luc De Villars as Estienne Berger
Tanja Milojevich as Screamer
Zoe Jenkins as The Laboratory Assistant
Sean lenhart as Lupus

All Music in this production is used under their license. Please check out
Sirius Beat TV
Ender Guney
Ansia Orchestra :
Mattia Cupelli

Artwork by:
Red Riding Helmet 25th century by Isra Llona available through Deviant Art

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