The Sponge Podcast

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What's The Sponge Podcast about?

The Sponge Podcast - Leadership Lessons with Author and Veteran Adman with 40 years of experience in advertising - Ambi Parmeshwaran.
Each episode is an in-depth conversation about a chapter from Ambi's new book Sponge - Leadership Lessons I Learnt From My Clients
Host Amit Doshi sits down with Ambi as he shares some of the best advice he’s gotten over the years from reading, asking questions, observing, and acting more like a sponge.

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Ep. 28: One Final Squeeze!


"Re-frame the relationship into one of learning." On this final episode of the season, Ambi Parameswaran talks about re-framing every situation, especially customer relationships. Check out Ambi's latest book 'Sponge': You can listen to this show and other awesome ...

The Sponge Podcast episodes: