038: The Things Stripping Bought

12.28.2016 - By Stripcast: True Stories from a Stripper with a PhD

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What’s up, dudes? Thanks for tuning in to Stripcast True Stories From a Stripper With a PhD. Today’s episode is about some of the things that stripping has bought me. I keep wanting to come to some conclusion and come down on one side or the other. Was stripping a gift to me? Or was it a trauma? Did stripping give me everything I have, or did it take more than it gave? I’ve spent years trying to come to some conclusion on one side or the other. Somewhere, I can stand and say, “Listen, sex work is this.” But you know what? At the end of the day, it is all of those things. The traveling, the nice cars, the house full of beautiful furniture, the ability to leave a career I hated and pursue something different, stripping made all of that possible. But the sleepless nights, the deep-seated fear and distrust of men, the throwing up, the anxiety, the 5:00 am mornings with heart pounding staring at the ceiling, not being able to sleep and now knowing why, all of the messed up things going on in my brain, stripping gave me a lot of those too. But today, let’s talk about some material shit. You can connect with Lux on Facebook at facebook.com/lux.atl or follow Lux on Instagram @lux_atl. If you enjoyed these true stories from a stripper with a PhD, feel free to share or leave a review on iTunes. You can learn more about Lux ATL and subscribe to her newsletter at LuxATLSpellBook.com

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