Thu 22 Sep: Bandaid Ripoff (Part 1 of 2) - Q Reality - Malta Malice - Truth Danger - World War - Big Sting - Move Forward

09.22.2022 - By The Tore Says Show

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It's time for some unapproved truthiness. Q is software used by hidden people and groups. The Knights of Malta have been players for centuries. The sovereign, ancient military order. All by lineage. Some paid to lie, some infiltrated. God hates liars. This is an operation. Ancient psyops for good and evil. Not a savior, it's just software. The Luxembourg subsidiary. good and evil people are working behind the scenes. for some, it's all about money. Keep quiet and watch. Many now realize what's at stake. Gen. Flynn in the middle. Infiltrating the NWO. Did their benevolent conscious grow? Explaining the names in the Russia hoax. This is a world wide war and not something new. So much mis-info makes people stupid. The first major psyop was Christianity. Then loyalty got trifurcated. The little guys aren't allowed to know. Suck it up, your country needs you. Here's some more truth, we must keep it up because we are winning. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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