TLS #253: High Vibe Living: What it’s like to go from having a “knowing” in relationship or career to “flowing” with uncertainty with Erica Gellerman

11.23.2017 - By The Lively Show

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Today on TLS, I am sharing another insightful conversation with friend and founder of The Worth Project, Erica Gellerman!

Last time Erica was on the show, we discussed what it felt like to have a “knowing in relationship (for her) and career (for me). Now, we’re discussing what has transpired for each of us since having a “knowing” in new areas (career for her, relationship for me).

We’re discussing how these new life chapters have felt -- and where we’ve encountered challenges, too. Plus, the discussion leads us to a fascinating new explanation of why - even when we have a “knowing” - we will always continue facing inevitable uncertainty.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking for a feeling of “knowing” in relationship or career, or for anyone who has that “knowing” now and wants to connect the dots between the initial euphoria and the ongoing uncertainty in a powerful way.




[Tweet "“You will be fine, strong and stable no matter what happens." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Alignment before action." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“It feels really vulnerable to be vulnerable." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Don’t go back up river, just keep going." - @Erica.Gellerman"]


Why Erica was seeking the knowing in her career.

How she found her knowing and how she converted it to going.

What Erica is doing with that feeling of knowing in her life right now.

She tells us why she finds people to be inspired about and what is does for her growth.

Erica and Jess discuss the parallels of Unicorns and Rhinos and how it plays in their lives.

She describes the outcome of knowing has given her a foundation to work from.

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