TNW 182: Signal's Facebook Ad Stunt - Epic Games vs. Apple, Signal Ads on Facebook, Google 2FA, Amazon Drivers

05.06.2021 - By Tech News Weekly (Audio)

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The Epic Games and Apple trial is underway and it's bringing loads of new information to the surface. Messaging service Signal says it tried to run some ads on Facebook, which the company then blocked. Google is enabling two-factor authentication on all accounts. Amazon drivers say they're being encouraged to drive recklessly.
First, Reed Albergotti of the Washington Post stops in to talk about the trial between Epic Games and Apple. He discusses the impact of the case on Apple's App Store and the ongoing argument surrounding antitrust concerns.
Then, Jason shares an update about Google requiring two-factor authentication for its accounts. In honor of World Password Day, Google wants to bring an end to the password.
Then, Alex Kantrowitz joins Jason and Mikah to talk about a kerfuffle between messaging service Signal and social media company Facebook. Signal says it tried to run some ads on Facebook that would let users see how much data the social media company collects, but claims Facebook rejected the ads. Facebook says otherwise.
Lastly, Mikah shares a story about Amazon delivery drivers who say they're being encouraged to drive recklessly in order to deliver packages on time.
Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent
Guests: Reed Albergotti and Alex Kantrowitz
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