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11.13.2019 - By History of the 90s

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In October 1993, Saskatchewan farmer, Robert Latimer, pumped exhaust fumes into the cab of a pickup truck ending the life of his severely disabled 12-year-old daughter.  He claimed it was a mercy killing and that he only wanted to end Tracy`s constant pain.

Host Kathy Kenzora looks back at the heated debate that surrounded the death of Tracy Latimer. 

The subject of euthanasia was fiercely debated in the 90s.  It seemed every few months we heard news that Dr Jack Kevorkian had helped another terminally ill person end their life in the United States.

In Canada, Sue Rodrigues asked the Supreme Court to let a doctor help her die.  When the court said no Rodrigues did it anyway forcing the government to take a look at whether society was ready for legalized euthanasia. 

But the case of Tracey Latimer was different because she was a child and her parent made the decision for her leading to one of the most polarizing court dramas in Canadian history. 

Disabled activists weigh in on this issue along with the author Gary Bauslaugh who has written extensively about Robert Latimer’s lengthy legal battle. 


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Gary Bauslaugh author of: Robert Latimer: A Story of Justice and Mercy

Krista Carr, Executive Vice President of Canadian Association for Community Living

Twitter:  @KristaCarrNB

Pat Danforth, Vice Chair of Council of Canadians with Disabilities

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