Trust the Bachelor Process

By Campfire Media

What's Trust the Bachelor Process about?

People spend their whole lives looking for love. Sisters Alex and Sarah Franklin have spent their whole lives watching people find love on reality television. For years, they have taken the journey with millions of other Bachelor fans as they've watched smart, educated women take a shot at love with a handsome, wealthy, quintessential family man with 401K's. Now they watch as a gaggle of eligible singles fall for a person with the most Instagram followers. Since then, Bachelor Nation has formed. We are the resistance. Just kidding, WE LIVE FOR IT. We embrace that Bachelor Nation isn't just a club, it's a way of life. So join us on this journey as we discuss and learn to trust the bachelor process.

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Bachelorette (2021) E7 | Fr...


Another week, another friend-of-the-pod to help us through it! Hannah joins TTBP this episode to talk about Katie's final group of men, how often they cry, and who we think is making it until the end. Spoiler: it's probs Blake, ...

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