TSTP 54- Dear Billy

06.20.2022 - By The Stranger Things Podcast

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Are we the only ones who think "Dear Billy" might just be the best episode of Stranger Things yet?  With Sadie Sink's impeccable performance, this episode has us heaping praise upon praise.  Robert Englund's performance as Victor Creel also stood out and his story gave us chills.  Is his story to be believed?  We have our doubts. The shootout at the Byers home was one of the most impressive scenes of the series with the one-shot steady cam action, and left us on the edge of our seats.  While Yuri's double cross is one we saw coming, the depth of his double cross is NOT something we foresaw!  Every story element of "Dear Billy" was excellent!  Nancy and Robin faking their way into Pennhurst was hilarious, and the nods to "The Silence of the Lambs" were excellent.  Capping the episode with Max's flashback memories of the kids and Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" were absolute perfection! We have much to discuss, listeners once again flooded our inbox with incredible insights, and Darrell has put together such a long theory that at least one (hopefully) thing has to be correct!   Connect with The Stranger Things Podcast: Facebook community Twitter Instagram Contribute Listener Feedback

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