TWiT 775: Bacon Buddies - Zoom's Fail of the Week, Police Face Recognition, Apple at $1.5T

06.14.2020 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Zoom bans an American's account at China's request, won't have real end-to-end encryption IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft stop selling face recognition software to the police Clearview and Palantir continue to sell face recognition to the police Apple is the world's first $1.5 trillion company Apple WWDC 2020 coming June 22. Here's what Apple will announce. How quickly will Apple transition Macs to ARM? Refrigerator DRM is catching up with printer DRM ZFS cuts "slave" out of OpenZFS codebase. GitHub ditches "master" Michael Seibel replaces Alexis Ohanian on Reddit board HBO yanks Gone With the Wind, it becomes the #1 show on Apple TV+ Four GOP Senators ask FCC to review Section 230 PS5 hardware and games announced - disc vs digital Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Games for Racial Justice and Equality surpasses it's $5 million goal
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Ant Pruitt, Christina Warren, and Iain Thomson
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