TWiT 743: Lying is Bad is a Lie

11.03.2019 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Google Buys Fitbit. Will this be like Google buying HTC, or like Fitbit buying Pebble?Apple hires a new smart home team. Can they catch up with Amazon and Google? Can they fix what is wrong with HomeKit?AirPods Pro review - the best earbuds we've ever worn. However, they are pricy, and they're still earbuds, with all the issues that come with that.AppleTV+ launches. Can an Aaron Sorkin wanna-be, wacky Emily Dickinson, and sexy blind people win the streaming wars?NBC's Peacock TV may be free with ads when it launches in April.HBO Max launches in May for $15. Will it finally kill cable?Twitter bans political ads. Facebook thinks they are just fine, even if they lie. How will Twitter figure out what is a political issue? Does Mark Zuckerberg really think "Lying is bad?"PG&E; cuts power to millions but still manages to start a 77,000-acre fire. Cell service also fails. So does Comcast. Is this the harbinger of all of America's aging infrastructure finally collapsing?National Weather Service tweets out some useful tools to track wildfires and smoke.It's the emoji season! The controversy this year: non-gendered emoji.
Host: Jason Snell
Guests: Rene Ritchie, Devindra Hardawar, and Dan Moren
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