TWiT 848: Rippling Chaos - Meta trademark filing, NYC crypto, the Great Resignation, Daylight saving time

11.07.2021 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Meta trademark filing, NYC crypto, the Great Resignation, daylight saving time
Facebook's "Meta" Trademark Application.
Meta Company lashes out at Facebook over name change in public letter.
Incoming New York mayor Eric Adams vows to take the first three paychecks in bitcoin.
NYC Mayor-Elect Adams Says Crypto Should Be Taught in Schools.
House Sends Infrastructure Bill With Crypto Tax Provision to US President.
The crypto conundrum: Is that hot meme coin a Shiba Inu or a squid?
Len Sassaman and Satoshi: a Cypherpunk History.
Global Chip Shortage 'Is Far From Over' as Wait Times Get Longer.
I'm A Twenty-Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America's "Shipping Crisis" Will Not End.
The debate over daylight saving time drags on in Europe.
Gastronomad: The art of living everywhere and eating everything!
Leo's time with the Pixel 6 Pro.
Faulty DRM breaks dozens of games on Intel's Alder Lake CPUs.
Apple's New Screen Repair Trap Could Change the Repair Industry Forever.
Apple's Federighi delivers a dramatic speech on the dangers of sideloading.
The Great Resignation.
The 'lying flat' movement standing in the way of China's innovation drive.
TikTok owner ByteDance shortens China work hours, discouraging the notorious '996' routine.
Google News to relaunch in Spain after mandatory payments to newspapers scrapped.
Tesla recalls nearly 12,000 U.S. vehicles over software communication error.
Microsoft fixes Windows 11 features failing due to an expired certificate.
Apple Wants iPhones to Detect Car Crashes, Auto-Dial 911.

Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Evan Brown, Louise Matsakis, and Owen Thomas
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