Una Vida Mejor por Menos Dinero - A Better Life for Less Money

05.11.2021 - By Learn Spanish and Go

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Most of the time, we think of people moving to the US to see their “American Dream” fulfilled. But more and more, people are leaving places like the US and Canada for countries with a lower cost of living. Like Mexico!

We figure that if you’re learning a new language then you probably have double the interest in a potential move. Check out the episode to hear all the details! Links:International LivingNumbeo: Cost of LivingA Better Life for Half the Price by Tim LeffelThe 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy FerrissLevel up your Spanish with our Podcast MembershipGet the full transcript of each episode so you don’t miss a wordListen to an extended breakdown section in English going over the most important words and phrasesTest your comprehension with a multiple choice quizThank you to our patrons for making this podcast possible: Tiansheng Lian, Jennifer Wilson, Adrian Major, Jenny, Christy Warne, Russ Moore, Annette Baesel, Christian Gonzalez, Jill Heichelbech, Jean Lorio, Rebecca D Robison, Wylie Hargrove, Kristin Royer, Deb Shroyer, RamPandaPuss, Amy, Josh Powell, Hoy Shih, Neil Moore, Craig Stenger, Jennifer Wilson, Paula Lisowsky, Joseph Scriba, Kenneth Revelson, Linda Easthope, and DJ Brasier. Support the show (https://spanishandgo.com/support-us)

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