042: Understanding The Four Quadrants

10.16.2014 - By Young Hustlers

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Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer tips to better the careers and financial futures of Gen Y. This episode looks at The Four Cash Flow Quadrants as explained by Robert Kiyosaki American investor, businessman and author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series. The quadrants include employee, self employed, business owner and investor. According to Grant one is navigating every section all the time. Most people are either employees or self-employed. Yet, a small population are business owners and investors and this is where 95% of the wealth resides. Which one do you want to be? Grant and Jarrod take callers answer their questions where the following key tips are offered. Advice for Millennals: 1. Always promote yourself. Don’t wait. 2. Know your money down to the penny. 3. Write your goals down. 4. Use fear as proof you’re going in the right direction

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