Untaken Takes

By Lorenzo Damore and Angelo Bouziotis

What's Untaken Takes about?

If you’re someone who is just generally curious about all facets of life and society then look no further to Untaken Takes. The purpose of this podcast is to engage in free thinking and unfiltered conversations about life, science, business, health, philosophy, news, books, video games, movies, sports, etc. This podcast offers a wide range of topics and interesting takes so everyone can find an episode that they can enjoy. Be ready for a duo that plans to bring a new voice for New York City every week on Wednesdays. The journey begins now! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/untakentakes/support

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Episode #13: What The Fuck ...


Today the boys have a very special guest Tom Beakbane. The author of the book called “How to Understand Everything Consilience : a new way to see the world” a book that breaks down everything we know and understand on ...

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