Wednesday Q&A: Weight-Bearing in the Hands & Managing Dizziness & Vertigo

07.06.2022 - By Redefining Yoga

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Welcome to Wednesday Q&A;, where you ask questions and we answer them!   In this Wednesday Q&A;, we answer your questions about how best to weight-bear in the hands and strategies to manage dizziness and/or vertigo.   Your questions:Referring to the similarities of the tripod of the feet can you and Kristin talk about the position of the hands in weight-bearing and the return of energy that happens here? Thank you!I have a friend who complains about feeling dizzy and Vertigo when going upside down and says she needs to avoid it when practicing yoga. There are a lot of ways I can help her modify the practice but this one has got me looking for some “yoga Mama” direction.  To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit:   Do you have a question?DM Lara on Instagram: @lara.heimannDM Kristin on Instagram: @kbwilliams99Email us at [email protected]  Sponsor:Visit and get 25% off your first order with promo code LYTYOGA
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