What Happy Couples Know — with Director Roger Nygard

03.22.2022 - By The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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Wonderful, healthy and fun relationships can seem magical. But the truth is that awesome relationships don't happen "magically." Not at all. Long-term couples who love their relationships are simply reaping the rewards of the intentional effort they've put in to their partnerships. Sounds easy, right? In theory, it is. But here's the issue: No one teaches you how to have a fantastic relationship. So even though many people would love to have a stronger, more satisfying connection with their partner and would be very happy to do the working of making their good relationship great... they literally do not know what, exactly, to do differently. The intention is there, but the knowledge is not. To fill this knowledge gap, award-winning documentary film director Roger Nygard spent over seven years sitting down with the thought leaders in the fields of marriage counseling and couples therapy to get ALL THE ANSWERS.  The result is his film, The Truth About Marriage. And he's here on the podcast with me today to share all his insights and discoveries with YOU. For love,  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com

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