Who's the Boss?

05.25.2021 - By WorkLife with Adam Grant

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Workers are now expecting more from their employers beyond a paycheck and benefits. Employees want an employer who lines up with their values outside of work and stands up in the name of justice. And when they don’t, employees are becoming more active about asking their companies to cancel partnerships or are walking out in protest--as we’ve seen with workers at Facebook, Google and others.

A company is not a democracy, but it doesn't work when it's a dictatorship. Employees are embracing activism, calling on their employers to take a stand on social and political issues. How should leaders navigate these demands while addressing the concerns of other stakeholders? And how can we all use our voices effectively to drive change? Find the full text transcript for this episode at go.ted.com/WLTranscript49. WorkLife is made possible with the support of LinkedIn, Logitech, Morgan Stanley, SAP, and Verizon.

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