Why Seeking Success Might Be the Worst Mistake Of All - Midsummer Special

07.17.2020 - By Farm Small Farm Smart

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Success and fulfillment aren't the same things and they don't necessarily go hand in hand.  Success doesn't guarantee happiness and it might be something you can never actually achieve.  Which one are you seeking?  And is that the right thing for you?     Follow Diego on IG https://instagram.com/diegofooter Follow PaperpotCo on IG https://instagram.com/paperpot Podcasts by Diego Footer: Microgreens: https://apple.co/2m1QXmW Vegetable Farming: https://apple.co/2lCuv3m Livestock Farming: https://apple.co/2m75EVG Large Scale Farming: https://apple.co/2kxj39i Small Farm Tools https://www.paperpot.co/    

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