Woolly Morals part 1

06.08.2021 - By Human Resources

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The picturesque County of Powys in Wales, had an abstruse but vital role in the Slave trade. We uncover how everyday families got swept up in the business and production of Welsh Cloth, a cloth used to not only clothe enslaved people but also trade them.

⚠️ Content Warning: This episode contains descriptions of brutality, listener discretion advised.

Featuring Dr. Marian Gwynn (https://www.mariangwyn.com/)

Full episode transcript (shorturl.at/cBDNW)


Produced by Renay Richardson

Researchers Dr Alison Bennett and Arisa Loomba 

Sound design by Ben Yellowitz

The original song you heard was Tudor Gwynn Suganami Jones which is about Sir Henry Morgan

Steel pan and flute by Sian Herbert

Extra sound recordings - Sandra Dobrozemsky

J Hope on Violin 

James Collins - Choral vocals. 

Production Assistant is Rory Boyle. 

This is a Broccoli Production.

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