You have to FEEL to HEAL with Riley Abang

03.15.2019 - By Journal Theory | Personal Evolution, Mindset Guidance & Connective Storytelling

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“When we are disconnected from our body, we are disconnecting ourselves from our intuition and our pain. Our pain is really valuable because when you go into your pain, you go into your life and who you really are. When we focus only on the mindset game, it stays above our shoulders all day long…” What a beautiful conversation Riley and I had on the podcast about the necessary connection we need to have with our bodies and our physical senses in order to fully heal areas of our life. Tune into the full episode to learn why its so important that we FEEL in order to HEAL.   Connect with Riley Website: Instagram: @wildaircoaching Enroll in the Confident Conversationalist Masterclass now! If you want to have the courage and confidence to be able to bring up hard issues, then this is for you! In this training, I am teaching you VALUABLE communication skills that will serve you in your personal & professional lives that you can use… for the rest of your life! Enroll HERE       Join me on Instagram for more connective storytelling, personal growth discussion & mindset guidance! @jordanpthomson @journaltheory If you’re a Shy Girl, or Recovering Shy girl, you NEED to join the Club! In this private Facebook group, I do live trainings to give you the tools and accountability to begin overcoming your shyness and stepping into confidence! Connect with myself and other women right now!!! Join Shy Girl Bye Club.

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