You Know The Place

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What's You Know The Place about?

Everyday, you drive by hundreds of businesses you've never stopped at, shopped at or (sometimes) even noticed. That's where we come in. From reptile markets to running groups, bead stores to bodegas, natatoriums to nude retreats, You Know The Place explores the Idaho stores, shops, clubs, and pubs you always pass by, but never seem to visit. Join co-hosts Lacey Daley and Joel Wayne each week as they drop in on some of the same businesses you've always been curious about to discover what goes on there, who goes in there, and how these places are managing with things like online competition and Boise bursting at the seams. Check out the You Know The Place website for pictures to accompany each episode, and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!

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While we're putting together the next season of You Know The Place, we thought you might enjoy a YKTP-inspired project hosted by a 7-year-old superfan, his dad, and his baby brother. Season 5 drops Thursday, April 2! Keep your eyes ...

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