Your Body Can Heal

04.29.2021 - By Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine

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Show Summary: “There are so many people out there who want to heal but don't know how."
Different illnesses are stressful and exhausting. What's more exhausting is the challenge of finding the right doctor who will walk you through the healing process patiently. That's a usual struggle for patients, and even Juanique, Gina, and Karalynne had experienced that.
Karalynne had depression a couple of years ago. Before she found the right doctor for her, who practices natural healing, she went through different doctors who couldn't specifically tell her how to heal. Gina, who had gone through a health decline, felt that she wasn't healing the root cause of her inflammation after taking different supplements for each symptom. Juanique, who had graves disease, found her way out of it on her own.
It's indeed physical, mental, and emotional pain for whoever is going through it. That's why the three of them created a summit for you to understand better how you can help your body heal using the tools they've been using in their practice. At the end of the episode, you'll find out how to join the program with a $50 discount on your early purchase.
Exceptional Highlight:
You are entitled to be the expert in your own body.Smart people are out there, and they are helping other people heal themselves.Our goal for you is to take this information and apply it to your life. So when you talk to your doctors, you know exactly what you're talking about and what you are aiming for without feeling lost and in the dark.
. Show Highlights: 
What motivated Karalynne to make her own clean ingredients?
Karalynne 1:11
I battled severe depression about fifteen or sixteen years ago. I knew that something had happened in my body. I hadn't always dealt with depression. I thought my body could heal this. I knew it could, but I just didn't know how.
Healing is possible 
Juanique 8:17
I grew up in a household where my mom taught me about health and that my body can heal. When doctors started telling me, "No, you can't heal," I was like, "That's ridiculous." I know I can, and then I just figured it out by myself. I was given tools and programs from a young age. Then when my husband got cancer, and doctors said, "He doesn't have much time," I told them, "You're wrong."
What kind of summit have Juanique, Gina and Karalynne created for you?
Karalynne 14:40
It's going to be a conference or a summit that when you walk away, you will feel empowered, that you can do something about your own health, that you can make choices to begin a healing journey and to make your life just full of health and so that you can live your best life possible.
How to get a $50 discount for the summit?
Juanique 19:00
Ticket sales are going to be launched on May 3. If you sign up early in the first two weeks, you will get a $50 discount off of in-person tickets, and there will be a discount for the virtual tickets as well.
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