Yung, Dumb & Full Of Red Flags

05.28.2020 - By Too Tired To Be Crazy with Violet Benson

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Violet and Gabriel ARE BACK spilling the tea and shedding some tears!!


3:00 - 15:29 - Violet update on Taurus guy, quarantine depression, V attraction to insecure men, and why she's done with love.

15:30 - 33:16 - Gabriel's booty call gone wrong, don't just shove it in, and should you block him if he doesn't make you cum? (V & G disagree)

33:17 - 45:28 - V finally gets f*cked right but she's done with men so she dropped his ass, A trick to not cum too fast, and condoms - we don't know her....

45:29 -1:02:30 -G's getting a cat, how having a pet teaches you to love, V's allergy journey to her cat, saving lizards, and G shares a heartfelt story of when he lost his dog.

1:02:31 - end - V's childhood pets are all dead bc of them, and what to look forward to in next week's episode :)

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