Zoubir Bouchikhi

Zoubir Bouchikhi

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What's Zoubir Bouchikhi about?

Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi Al-Tilimsani is originally from Algeria.

In 1991, he obtained Bachelor of Arts in Usul Al Fiqh (Shariah Sciences) from Al Amir Abdul Kadir Islamic University, Constantine (Algeria).

In 1995, he obtained his first Master Degree in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences from the International Islamic University in Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

In 1999, he obtained his second Master Degree in Islamic Studies and Social Sciences from the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS), Leesburg, Virginia (USA).

He was Imam, Lecturer of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Youth Coordinator and Counsellor in the Greater Houston, Texas from 1999 to 2011.

Currently, he is a PhD candidate at International Islamic University, Malaysia and a freelance lecturer and Da’ee to Islam.

Few of his Shuyukh and Teachers:

Sheikh Mohamed Al Ghazali

Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Sheikh Benyounes Ayat Salem

Sheikh Dr Taha Jabir Al Alwani

Membership and professional bodies:

Islamic Society of Greater Houston, Texas, ISGH, USA.

Founding member of the North American Imams Federation NAIFMember of the Executive Body of NAIF, USA.

Participant in various conventions and seminars (ISNA, ICNA, MSA, MAS, IAU…) regional and national, USA.

Guest speaker at ISNA 42nd Annual Convention September 2005, USA.

Member of Association of Muslim Jurists of America AMJA, USA.

Member of Jam’iyyat Al-Ulama Al Muslimeen Al-Jazaeriyeen, Algeria.

Research papers and publications:

The Role of Culture in the Reconstruction of Civilization (Article in Arabic) – Al- Khayriyyah Review Kuwait- January 1996. The Completeness of the Scientific method of Ibn-Taymiyyah (Book Review) In Arabic, Islamiyyat al Maarifah Review IIIT Washington. Volume 4, year 1, 1996.

Japan, Islam and the West: Peaceful coexistence or conflict ? (The second International Seminar on Civilizational Dialogue), Article in Arabic for Al-Tajdeed Magazine of IIUM, first edition January 1997.

The concept of man in Islam and his orientation to the making of civilization (Article in Arabic), Al-Mustakillah Journal, November 1996.

Ab’ad Al-Qadiyyah Al-Jaza’iriyyah, Article for Ala’i Islam, number 3 published by The Association of Muslim Kurdish Students in Malaysia 1995.

Al-Mu’tamar Al-‘Alami al-Thani ‘Ani Al-Hiwar Al-Hadari, The second International Conference on the civilizational Dialogue: “Japan, Islam and the West, Co-existence or conflict”, Article in Arabic in At-Tajdid Revue, Issue no 1, First Year- Published by the International Islamic University, Malaysia

Wijhat Nadar (Article in Arabic), Al-Tajdid Revue, International Islamic University, Malaysia IIUM, 1996.

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