365 Days of Philosophy

365 Days of Philosophy

By Kylie Sturgess

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What's 365 Days of Philosophy about?

The 365 Days of Philosophy is an educational show that will include resources, links, exercises and a daily podcast – on the topic of philosophy.

www.365daysofphilosophy.com, hosted by Kylie Sturgess, looks at a range of philosophical topics, including:

What is philosophy?

Arguments and logic

Concepts of justice, fairness, liberty, tolerance and democracy

sceptical doubt in philosophical and ethical inquiry

Aesthetic concepts

Darwin’s theory of evolution

Theism and the problem of evil.

Freedom of expression

The role of principled decisions in ethics, e.g. the Golden Rule.

Intro song is “P & P” by Derek K Miller of http://www.penmachine.com.

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