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Advanced Spanish - lively and natural Spanish conversations around a range of engaging topics. Couple Liz and Rob (Colombian and English) share anecdotes, Spanish vocabulary, phrases, and much more in a series of real conversations. Rob's not a native speaker, so you can hear Liz correct him occasionally, as well as hear her crystalline Colombian Spanish. We also interview other guests, providing a range of different accents from all over the Spanish speaking world. Learn slang from various regions of Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and more. We update once to twice a week, so make sure that you subscribe using the button on the left. Also, check out our world of Spanish material, articles, and general Spanish love at!

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Advanced 31: La Gestión Urbana


Rob talks with Lis’ sister, Judith. Judith recently completed her Masters in La Gestión Urbana (Urban Management), and discusses the current global migration to cities, amongst other topics.

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