Andrew Yang on the Nets (and some Knicks trivia) + The Old NBA Take Gauntlet

06.19.2021 - By The Athletic NBA Show

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Andrew Schlecht and Alex Speers bring on the Old Take Gauntlet:
1) The Atlanta Hawks’ 2020 offseason was a mistake.
2) The Rockets were idiots to not take Ben Simmons in a deal for James Harden.
3) You can never trust Paul George in the playoffs.
4) The Jrue Holiday trade is a massive win for the Bucks.
5) Doc Rivers is a significant upgrade over Brett Brown.
6) The Sixers are the best evidence that tanking works.
7) The Jazz are a nice team, but they can’t win the title

In Part 2 former Presidential candidate and current New York City Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang joins to discuss his Nets fandom, who he thinks will make the finals, what he would do as NBA commissioner, and then we play a rousing match of Andrew vs. Andrew in Knicks trivia. 
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