App Guard helps developers to close security loopholes

10.15.2019 - By - Startup podcast from Germany

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In this video interview, we are talking to Johannes “Joe” Noll (, who is co-founder and CEO at Darmstadt based App Guard. App Guard helps developers – to keep pre-programmed elements they are using in their applications – up to date, so no one can exploit known loopholes from those elements. This is important, since already a few hours after the release of new software automated tools will start to hack software, with known weaknesses. You can access the tool Codario here: They support docker, composer, NPM, Drupal, yarn, and python.
“5 Hours after the release of the software, automated hack start”
Currently, App Guard is raising Venture Capital. Reach out to us, to learn more.
The video interview was recorded at the booth of Frankfurt Forward at Entrepreneur University in Wiesbaden, Germany. Thank you to SAP Next-Gen for providing us space at their booth for the interviews before this one. Thank you to Frankfurt Forward to provide us the space for this interview.
“If you have several layers of dependencies if you are using one docker file”


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