as we unfold our celestial daydreams

02.22.2017 - By Spaceman’s Transmissions

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Greetings, fellow travelers. Today, we here at Spaceman's Transmissions wish to be blessed with your attendance on our latest journey to the celestial horizon in effort to witness the event of an aural rain-shower. Our journey will reward us with the beautiful visions of a world within our minds.----more----

There is still a realm of your mind that is untapped and undiscovered, full of creativity, beauty, and child-like wonder. Let go of the chaotic physical realm and delve into the sonic realm to reap mental benefits. Within our tired minds, we will map out our path to solace and mental clarity. We will attempt to reemerge with a renewed sense of purpose, enlightenment, and comfort. Take in the beauty of this session, and realize that its sole purpose is to put you, the aural attendee, in a new headspace. With your accommodations upgraded to first class, we are quite confident that this undertaking will be a successful one.

This session was developed with meticulous detail. We guarantee a certified organic offering, and our intensive and time consuming attention to detail is to provide our clients with a journey that is free of turbulent shifts in mood. Every melodic and harmonic transition is a step higher to our destination. Your ears and mind are hungry, feed them with the bacon of sound.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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