Beyond with Mike Kelton

By Forever Dog

What's Beyond with Mike Kelton about?

Beyond follows the journey of comedian and self proclaimed “energy expert”, Mike Kelton, as he tries to solve his real life problems via supernatural means. Instead of going to a therapist, Mike goes to mediums, ghost hunters, cult leaders, special healers, and astrologers. Can a witch solve his dog’s aggression issues? Can a hypnotist cure him of his Diet Coke habit? Can he use his powers as an empath to exorcise a demon from a thrift store in the East Village? And for the love of God, can anyone tell Mike if he should move to to LA!? Whether you’re a believer or not, join Mike for an open-minded, hilarious, and emotional journey through the incredible world of all things spiritual, spooky, and downright BEYOND!

241 ratings

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On the Season 2 finale, Mike gets an answer to a decade old question after meeting with an old friend in the Bronx.

Beyond with Mike Kelton episodes: