Ep 634 | Biden Disaster Tour: Joe’s Embarrassment Goes Global | Guest: Jeremy Story

05.24.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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Is America a global embarrassment? President Joe Biden continues his tour in Asia, but continues to embarrass America and Americans. When President Biden was asked about intervening if China invades Taiwan, he responded with, “Yes. That’s the commitment we made.” Was this smart to say? As monkeypox becomes the new COVID-19, President Biden says that “everybody should be concerned.” Why is this administration playing with our fears? Concerned parent Jeremy Story joins the podcast to discuss his filed federal lawsuit against five Round Rock ISD school board trustees. Is this the proper way to handle groomers? State Farm joins the “get woke, go broke” companies after partnering with a transgender group to indoctrinate 5-year-olds via LGBTQ+ books. Why are companies going woke? NPR is now turning against itself after creating an anonymous hotline where employees rat on each other if they aren’t wearing masks.
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