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What's BIRDS EYE VIEW about?

Introducing BIRDS EYE VIEW, a podcast that gives you a new perspective on women in prison. 

Made with women incarcerated in the north of Australia, the podcast takes you inside Sector Four, where scars and regret overlap with hope, horoscopes and beauty hacks. 

This 10-episode audio journey is the result of a two-year storytelling project involving more than 70 women imprisoned in the Darwin Correctional Centre.

“We made this podcast ‘cause we want to shake things up and show you who we really are.”

Collectively hosted by 18 women, each episode centres on a theme, using interviews, poetry, satire and prison soundscapes to tell the story. From the holding cells where women are strip-searched, to ‘industries’ where Qantas headsets get cleaned, women share their personal stories of survival and resilience.    

“Not his-stories, HER-stories!”

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