Blendo makes data accessible for companies and helps them to stay competitive

10.28.2019 - By - Startup podcast from Germany

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This time Joe talks to Kostas, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blendo, our first interview with a startup from Athens. Blendo works in ELT, they allow their clients to access all of their data, so they can use the data directly. Blendo helps the company to validate its data. One could say Blendo becomes, therefore, part of the infrastructure of the company. 
Kostas started with technology at an early age. He started early on in his studies to work with data.

“Data is the blood and oxygen of companies to remain competitive” 

The HQ of Blendo is in Athens, but the legal entity is registered in Delaware. The reason behind it is that the first investors of the company have been from Israel and they agree to locate the headquarter of the company there. For some time, the startup has also been located in Tel Aviv, so Blendo now considers itself a global company. 
“Being a founder is a life-transforming experience.”

Blendo has most of its customers in the United States but has employees in the US, Israel, and Greece. 

“We re-invented the ETL process”

“I belong to the analog to digital generation. We started analog and ended up in the digital age”

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