Episode 718 - Breakfast in a Dungeon

07.28.2021 - By Video Game Outsiders

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer, The Sims 4: Cottage Life, Swords of Legends: Online MMO, FemDomination 2 NSFW, Call of Duty Warzone Payload, Raji, Death's Door, Terra Bomber, Sony patents cloud gaming tech, Bungies new IP is live-service and free to play, Sony exec says Game Pass sucks, M. Night's Old, breakfast, and Pokemon gets a series at Netflix. For the entire back catalog of over 15 years of VGO, or for weekly bonus content, head to videogameoutsiders.com and go premium for 1.99 a month and listen on our ios/android VGO app or on the web at ilovevgo.com - support VGO!

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