Compassionate Communication with Jamil Popatia

07.10.2017 - By Soul of Islam Radio

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Jamil Popatia is a leading-edge coach, trainer, facilitator and mediator in the field of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which can also be referred to as Compassionate Communication.
In this illuminating interview and conversation with Jamil Popatia, discover the fundamental necessity of learning to communicate, and thus think, compassionately.
Compassionate and empathic communication form the basis of healthy and loving relationships, and is essential in developing the character and state of a true believer, a Muslim truly and sincerely following in the footsteps of the blessed and noble Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
When we learn to communicate with compassion, love and patience, and thus to think, live and breathe compassionately and with love, we not only heal and augment our relationships with others, we purify the self and thus draw nearer unto the Divine Presence of our Lord and Creator, Allah Most High.
To learn more about Jamil Popatia and his work, and to contact him directly, please visit his website Mawaddah, and feel free to send him an email directly.
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