Curious with Jake Heilbrunn

Curious with Jake Heilbrunn

By Jake Heilbrunn

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What's Curious with Jake Heilbrunn about?

Curious with Jake Heilbrunn showcases real and raw, behind-the-curtain conversations with entrepreneurs, trailblazers and peak performers who are living remarkable lives. Jake creates the space to dive into the insecurities, doubts and fears we all face, as well as personal stories and triumphs so we can gain a true understanding of the mindset and lifestyles behind these fascinating guests.

The themes explored in the show include mindset, entrepreneurship, spirituality, relationships, health and happiness with the intention of authenticity and vulnerability guiding each episode. The show is hosted by @JakeHeilbrunn, best selling author of ‘Off the Beaten Trail,” TEDx speaker and co-founder of The Idea Collective.

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