Daniel Amin and His Path to Islam

01.09.2015 - By Soul of Islam Radio

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In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad and Ihsan interview Daniel Amin Coleman on his spiritual journey to Islam.
Daniel shares his cultural and spiritual background and his early connection with Buddhism. He also shares how his openness to the inner realities of other traditions propelled him forward along his spiritual journey.
You will learn about how Daniel’s first exposure to the spiritual dimension of Islam allowed him to ground his belief and find the essence in the external practices and rituals. He also shares the similarities and differences between Buddhist meditation practices and the practice of Dhikr in Islam.
Daniel shares a number of Divine inspirations and miraculous experiences and how they acted as a call to faith and belief in the One God. He also shares some of the challenges and obstacles he had faced upon his conversion into Islam.
Daniel build’s on the importance of social interaction and shares how Islam introduced friendships of love and substance.
Lastly, Daniel shares valuable advice with new converts and people interested in Islam and concludes with a beautiful message to the Muslim community.
About Daniel
Daniel Amin Coleman has a degree in Globalization Studies and Renewable Energy and is a graduate of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. He is a talented guitarist and vocalist and a student of both Sufism and Martial Arts.
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