Dark Dice

By Fool and Scholar Productions

What's Dark Dice about?

Dark Dice is a horror actual play D&D podcast that uses immersive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion. Each season, travelers embark on a journey into the dark corners of a world with dragons & monsters. They will never be the same again.

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Season 3 | Ep. 7 | Last Light


The Last Light Ritual begins... Dark Dice will return from our season-break in March 2024! Follow our Hardcover book - Unnatural Horrors - on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/randomencounter/dark-dice-unnatural-horrors-for-5th-edition Story by K.A. Statz & Travis Vengroff (Co Game Masters) Produced, Edited, and with ...

Dark Dice episodes: