Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis

By Forever Dog / Brain Machine

What's Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis about?

Dark Tank is a podcast where white people try their best.

In each episode of Dark Tank, Yedoye Travis asks a melanin deficient guest to undo the mistakes of the past by pitching solutions to pressing minority issues--to a panel of people of color. We're solving racism, one white ego at a time.

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Remake "The Color Of Friend...


Mary Beth Barone proposes her best solution to racism: trick everybody into reenacting Disney's "The Color of Friendship." Marie Faustin, Larry Owens and Alex English tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts. FOLLOW DARK TANK & YEDOYE TRAVIS: https://twitter.com/DarkTankPodhttps://twitter.com/ProfessorDoye DARK TANK is presented ...

Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis episodes: